IFC Proposes New Policy in an Attempt to Decrease Reckless Drinking

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A new bylaw may soon change the face of fraternity parties at the University of Michigan.

Fraternities at the university may soon be forbidden from serving alcohol at parties. The Interfraternity Council has proposed this policy that would require guest to bring their own alcohol.

IFC officials hope the policy will decrease irresponsible drinking, said Ryan Spotts, vice president of public relations for the IFC and a member of Pi Kappa Phi.

Jon Marks, president of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and an IFC member, said the committee is trying to figure out how to implement the policy without hindering houses' abilities to hold parties.

"Our two big focuses are liability and the safety aspects of the party," Marks said. "The other important issue that we're looking for is fun. We're throwing parties for a reason."

According to Spotts, this is not the first time the IFC has tried to enforce a policy of this nature. But in the past, fraternities have found ways around it. He said the new policy will undergo a test run for all parties during the last two weeks of this semester.

If the policy works as planned, party goers would have to entrust their alcohol to designated fraternity brothers, called social monitors, who are asked not to drink throughout the night. Then, anytime the guest wants a drink, he or she would have to show a guest tag to the sober monitor, take some alcohol, and return the bottle.