Highest Active Membership Since the 1990s: Michigan Alpha Initiates 21, Total Membership at 90

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On the night of January 29, Michigan Alpha activated the 21 member 2013 Fall Pledge Class during a formal initiation ceremony at 1437 Washtenaw. The signing of the Bond of Phi Delta Theta (PDT) by these new brothers brings the total active chapter membership to 90 men.


This is the largest active chapter roster since the 1990s, and a higher amount than the long-term annual membership average. The activation of this class increases the total number of men initiated in Michigan Alpha since its founding to 2,073 (the current High Bond Number).

More than 250 men visited or contacted the PDT during Fall Rush. Active chapter leaders have reported that the number of rushees visiting Michigan Alpha has steadily increased during the last several rush cycles. They attributed the rising interest in the fraternity to aggressive recruitment efforts by the active members as well as increased awareness on campus about PDT's reputation for positive achievement and strong brotherhood. The great condition of Michigan Alpha's historic chapter house has also been an important contributing factor for rush success.

Being mindful of Michigan Alpha's tradition of selectivity and desire not to be so large that the active membership's fraternity experience is diminished by crowding the chapter house, fewer opportunities for participation in activities, being unable to get to know everyone, etc., bids were extended to fewer than 15% of the rushees.

Ultimately, 21 men completed the pledge education program which emphasizes learning the history and values of the fraternity while building brotherhood. Michigan Alpha fully complies with the PDT General Headquarters' policies for conducting a positive pledge experience. As a result, new initiates are immediately encouraged to play key roles in the leadership of the chapter and live in the house during their sophomore year.

The large size and high quality of the 2013 Fall Pledge Class bodes well for the future of Michigan Alpha. These men are expected to comprise the vast majority of an expected 28 actives living in the chapter house during the 2013-2014 school year. The diversity and high motivation of this class will undoubtedly produce dynamic leaders who will build on the solid foundation of the fraternity that they inherit.

While rush is rightly the main responsibility of the active chapter, Michigan Alpha alums can help to keep the recruitment momentum going in two ways. First and foremost, alums are strongly encouraged to provide recommendations for prospective rushees. There were two legacies in the most recent pledge class which continues Michigan Alpha's long tradition of making the fraternity a family experience. If you know of a man who is attending, or will be attending, U of M and believe he may have an interest in fraternity rush, please contact the Alumni Association at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Second, contributions to the Annual Fund managed by the Alumni Association are critically important to maintaining and improving the living experience in the chapter house. Any alum who has contributed to the Annual Fund can take pride in knowing that he has helped to make the now 110 year old "Red Brick Barn" attractive to a new generation of Phis.

Roster of the New Initiates of the 2013 Fall Pledge Class:
Peter Andrew Borowsky, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dalton Lee Dondero, Romeo, Michigan
Maxwell Sergio Gomez, Birmingham, Michigan
Samuel Hunter Gomez, Birmingham, Michigan
David William Granadier, Birmingham, Michigan
Kevin Patrick Kelly, Park Ridge, IL
Andrew David Lehr, Philadelphia, PA
Patrick O'Brien Lelich, Minneapolis, MN
Collin Jeffrey Macdonald, Omaha, NE
Devin Patrick McDonald, Woodbridge, VA
Frank Andrew Morton, Denver, CO
Chris Lee Naubert, Livonia, Michigan
John Thomas Orban, Joliet, IL
Joshua Peter Redlinger, Brighton, Michigan
Reid Fulton Rossberger, Cedar Rapids, IA
Jacob Cole Schreiman, Fairfax, VA
Greyson Paul Schultz, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Jake Michael Sprintz, Nashville, TN
Eric Tang, Northville, Michigan
Charles Cameron Taylor, Tulsa, OK
William Sergeant Watkins, Asheville, NC